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Smart engineers creating intelligent, AI-driven customer solutions.

icon Product Engineering

Helping businesses bring their software product ideas to life. From product strategy, UX, agile software development to post-launch support and maintenance.

icon Generative AI

We help clients harness the power of Gen AI to automate various tasks, improve productivity, enhance user experiences, and drive innovation. From intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants to content creation and data analysis, our team of AI experts works closely with clients to design, develop, and deploy Gen AI solutions tailored to their specific needs

icon AI-Driven Digital Solutions

Crafting easy-to-use digital self-service experiences, using smart technology to make user interactions more personal and cohesive across various channels, from web and apps to chat and voice. We help enhance customer satisfaction and cut costs by reimagining applications to fully leverage cloud technology, speeding up delivery and enabling teams to scale.

icon Smart Contact Centre

We engineer bespoke solutions that improve your Contact Centre operations, from implementing intelligent IVR and efficient call routing to designing and integrating AI-driven tools like voice and chat bots for 24/7 customer support.

Our story

Built on over 25 years of experience

Founded by Technology and Business Leaders with over 25 years of successful experiences in large organisations delivering program of works across Contact Centre, Digital and large scale technology transformations. We are passionate about building high performing Engineering teams and getting things done. We are very excited to share our experiences and offer our expertise to customers across industries who are facing similar challenges that we were able to overcome.

Our Expertise

icon IT Strategy & Architecture

We assist in evaluating and selecting the most suitable Contact Centre and digital technologies and architectures by offering deep expertise in AWS and platforms like Amazon Connect and Twilio. We help organisations to ensure that the solutions implemented are not only scalable but also future-proof, able to meet both current and future needs. .

icon Software Engineering

Our expertise in Software Engineering is founded on years of experience in assembling high-performing teams and implementing projects in both digital environments and Contact Centres. We specialise in establishing a Continuous Delivery and DevSecOps operating model, ensuring efficient, secure and scalable software delivery.

icon Data Engineering

Our Data Engineering services are committed to ensuring that your data is not only clean and accessible, but also ready for effective use. This focus is essential for leveraging data and AI effectively, as it relies heavily on the integrity and accuracy of data. We help organisations to enable more informed decision-making, streamline business operations and lay a solid foundation for data-driven strategies.

icon AI & Automation

Our expertise in generative AI enables organisations we work with to create advanced voice and chatbots, automate manual tasks using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Specialising in tools like Gwen and UIPath, we help to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, integrating AI with practical business solutions.

Our Experiences


Energy Retailer Transformation

Business and Technology transformation of a large Energy Retailer. Over 4M customers migrated. The full technology stack was migrated from legacy platforms to a a modern technology stack and software delivery processes. All business functions were also rebuilt from the ground up during this program. Technology stack based on AWS, Twilio, Databricks. Manual task automation via RPA.


Intelligent voice platform for Contact Centre

Migrated contact centre from a legacy platform to a modern cloud-based tech stack. Implementation of an intelligent IVR to allow customers to self-serve, deflect calls to digital channels (website, native apps and LiveChat) and intelligent call routing. Workspace/soft phone for customer care with customer insights and the "next best action" using AI


AI-based Voice bot

Experimental ChatGPT-based voice and chat bot for handling customer calls. Performed voice-to-text, advanced prompt engineering and text-to-voice. Tested really well with the customers with both positive and negative test scenarios. Responsible and ethical AI considerations built into the platform.


Digital Transformation

In a competitive market, service and customer experience differentiate businesses. Enhanced digital platforms over 18 months, emphasising a customer-first approach and a flexible cloud-native architecture using AWS. This transformation led to increased deployment efficiency, allowing up to 40 releases daily, limited only by customer and organisational readiness.


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